[Duplex+Lot] 372 Cliff Mine Rd North Fayette, 15108 Sold

  • $52,000
  • 4 beds
  • 2 baths
  • 1,716 sqft

Old farmhouse with two roughly ½-acre adj. lots (0.903/⁹⁄₁₀-acre).
Clean & was properly winterized; nostalgically maintained family property.

Was rented for $650+$700 ($1,350 total)/month. Market rents when fixed-up $975/unit ($1,950 total), maybe more depending on what you do with it, especially due to its North Fayette location & proximities.

-Isolated yet 5 minutes from Robinson Towne Centre!

-Very close to I-376 and Settlers Ridge/Summit Park areas. <10 minutes to the airport.

-West Allegheny School District!

Has a rear wood deck + a covered front porch, & all the parking 2 units could ever need.

Needs updates and some work. Has been vacant about a year so at least was recently livable. There were some mold issues (pictured; not bad) but then the city fixed the pipes that caused it so that issue is remedied / won’t reoccur. There might however be water getting in elsewhere at heavy times that might need assessed; unconfirmed but still a possibility to disclose. Roof still young @7 years. Hot water tank too at 5 y/o.

Comps were a bit tough since it’s in an area of properties on large lots (yet right off of Steubenville Pike), but you’re looking at a pretty promising ARV over $200k.

2BR SFRs averaging about $145k. Going out a few miles is showing renovated frame duplexes in the $240k range. Some Cliff Mine homes have actually sold upwards of $500k with luxurious builds.

So flip it as you wish for a substantial cash return or hold onto it for CAP somewhere between 13 % & 17%👍👍



  • Taxes: $2,292 ($1,589+$703)
  • Electric: Updated
  • Plumbing: Updated
  • Kitchen: Needs updating (both)
  • Bath: Needs updating (both)
  • Roof: 7 yrs old
  • Furnace: Boiler; 40 yrs old
  • Hot Water Tank: 5 yrs old
  • Windows: Double-paned
  • (2) 2 BR / 1 BA
  • Floors: 2
  • Parking: Big gravel parking pad
  • Rental Potential: $1,950/mo TOTAL
372 Cliff Mine Rd
North Fayette, PA 15108
Square Feet:
Lot Size:
~1 acre (.903) / 39,335 sq.Ft. (21,780+17,555)
For Sale
Property Type:
Year Built:
Const. Type:
Insulated brick

Additional Features

Included 2nd parcel #: 0497-k-00012

Call (800) 788-9882 for more details

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